“Moody brings vast musical experience as well as knowledge to her music, making it much more than pop or background music while staying accessible and easy to grasp. Emotionally rich and full of grace, the music is soothing and calming yet complex enough to reveal new thing each time it is heard... the music expressed here is both deeply personal and universally understandable.” - Kathy Parsons, Solo Piano Publications 


    “Just letting you know how much myself and the listeners to Classical Faire have enjoyed the music from The Seeker... I look forward to hearing more from Ms. Moody.” - Johnna Zimmerman, Director of Music, KEDT, Corpus Christi

   "Gentle and comfortable enough to be Easy Listening, Kate's style is also rich enough and thoughtful enough to be categorized as Contemporary Classical and dramatically emotional enough to remind one of film scores." - cdbaby.com

“What a gentle pleasure it has been to listen to Kate Moody’s music . . she inhabits a magical and private place with her reflections in sound. It brings me peace.”
- Alan Scoffield, Young Imaginations

      “We can’t thank you enough for all of your wonderful, dedicated work with Sean. He’s done so well learning to play, & enjoy playing, piano - all because of you!”

    Tracked down on facebook: “I still play piano, for myself. I am so thankful that I took lessons from you as a child. Those memories are priceless! You were a great teacher, Kate. I hope to find a teacher for my baby someday that could compare to you. You were more than just a piano teacher to my family and I. We talk about you often!”

    "Dear Kate, Thank you for teaching me so much about piano. I love to play and I hope that I play like you some day. You are the greatest piano teacher in the world!!!!!"

   "Terrific job! You have a great talent for bringing out our daughters' innate talent. I had never seen them perform with such enthusiasm and skill."

    “You found the love of music in a child and helped it grow like a garden flower. Your patience and skill have nurtured his hidden talent that we enjoy in every incredible performance. His family and friends are forever in your debt, knowing the future is bright and melodious. You are forever in his heart as a teacher and a friend, giving him a tremendous gift he will have always...”

 "Free Spirit: Your most mature, complex and richly textured work to date."

"I'm sitting here listening to your music that I just discovered. Very beautiful music. I'm a composer myself and take responsibility in knowing the healing qualities of sound frequencies, text imprints on the minds of those listening. I was searching the web for more content on interval healing when I came across Simon Heathers website, then to the Healing Music interview you gave and on to your site. A lovely fun journey. I love the symphonic arrangements so far Ive listened to three of your pieces and I am really enjoy them. Very elegant and beautiful. Thank you Kate for your lovely music. Yours truly, Kimistry from New York City"

"Hi Kate I love your music. It makes great meditative and massage atmosphere. You are so talented. How wonderful to have such a beautiful gift. You are wonderful. Rick"

"Hello Kate, I really love this article of yours, and thank you for the inspiring thoughts that you shared with us. I appreciate this and keep posting! Dylan"