Kate Moody

pianist ~ composer ~ teacher ~ director
    Award-winning composer Kate Moody has produced seven CDs of her work, ranging from solo piano to symphonic pieces. Her “Mystical Romantic” music is inspired by nature and her studies of spiritual philosophy. She discovered and continues to develop the Connect & Glow TM energy healing modality, and holds a Master of Spiritual Studies degree from Emerson Theological Institute; her final paper, "Visualizing Healing," can be read here.
    Kate studied piano at Sonoma State University with Marilyn Thompson and composition at New England Conservatory with Robert Ceely. Kate continues to be actively involved in music education offering piano lessons, composition instruction and general music studies. She also instructs music teachers how to teach basic composition and improvising, making theory relevant as students use the notes from the scales, triads and arpeggios they are learning to create music which they then play and notate. Her instructional book, Playing & Composing Around the Circle of Fifths, is available from CoCo Lounge Presents.
    Kate's first album, Grateful Heart, enjoyed great success with international air play on over 200 radio stations. Originally released on the Frog Rock label, and rereleased in Spring, 2005, Grateful Heart is eleven tracks of contemporary instrumental music featuring piano, flute, saxophone, guitar, bass and percussion on ten originals and one arrangement, Vince Guaraldi's  Skating. Kate's recording of her full-length symphonic work, The Seeker, won Best Instrumental Album Award at the 2004 Just Plain Folks Music Awards. The symphony is in four movements: "Wake-Up Call," "River of Love," "Angels & Eskimos," and "Shining Through." The recording, made at Capitol Studios in Hollywood, features guitarist George Doering on Fantasy for Electric Guitar & Orchestra. "The performance is thrilling with the calm, deep logic of soul. This is one of the nicest things I've heard in a long time." - Steve Goodale, goldrecord.com. Three albums of solo piano music, "Welcome to Piania," "inscapes," and Free Spirit," are also available from CoCo Lounge Presents. Kate's recording of the Connect & Glow Guided Meditation with Music won "Best Self Help Album" at the 2020 Just Plain Folks Music Awards.
    Kate is available for concert and workshop presentations upon request:

1. Solo piano concert.
2. Concert of Creativity - with instrumentalist -
    First half:
        Solo piano
        Kate writes a short piece with the audience.
        Instrumentalist and Kate madly practice the brand new piece
    Second half:
        Instrumentalist and Kate play the newly minted piece.
        Concert concludes with rehearsed pieces.
2a. Solo piano version of 9.
3. Connect & Glow Musical Meditation - Kate leads audience in guided visualizations
    while playing healing, relaxing piano/keyboard music.
4. Connect & Glow Meditation without music.
5. Create Your Own Music!* with students, one-off.
6. Create Your Own Music! with students, over several days - students perform the  
    created music at the end of the workshop.
7. Create Your Own Music! with adult groups, one-off.
8. Workshops with music teachers on teaching composition and creativity.
9. Workshops with music pedagogy students on teaching composition and creativity.
10. Create Your Own Musical! camp - students create and perform dialogue, lyrics, music, choreography, costumes and scenery for a short musical.
11. Residencies which combine any/all of the above.

*Create Your Own Music! is a fun and educational presentation where Kate guides the group through writing a short piece of music. It works with groups of people with no musical experience, people with extensive musical experience, and with mixed groups.

List of Works 

1985  Shana’s Song  I. Meadow II. Mountain  III. Out 
1989  Winthrop Pieces  1. Freely 2. Go 3. Moderato 4. Brisk 5. Semplice 6. Steady - Adagio 
1992  Still Waters, Here & Now, Wedding Day, A Wish For Holly 
1995  Lavender Shadows, Aloha, We Are One In Spirit, Rachael’s Waltz, Tahoe Thoughts, Sigh 
1998  The Way I Feel, A Dozen Roses 
1999  The Light is Born 
2000  Opening 
2001  Four Winds 
2002  Sparrow, Heart 
2005  Stream, Elegy 
2007  Happy Endings, Flowing, Dusk, Hoku Pa’a, Lama Kuhikuhi, Sweet 
2008  Glory Be 
2011  Care 
2014  Row, Row, Row Your Boat (arr.), Chanty 
2015  Everyday Miracles 

1998  The Seeker  I. Wake-up all  II. Angels & Eskimos  III. River of Love  IV. Shining Through 
1999  Fantasy for Electric Guitar & Orchestra 
2000  Malu 
2011  Mountain Tapestry 

Instrumental Ensemble 
1988  String Trio 
1991  Seven Vignettes for Any Old Quartet 
1992  Moonrise Variations, Pt. Lobos - Summer Fog, White Raven, Room 304 
1995  Lavender Blues, Dreams Come True, Diamonds on the Water, Cocoa, Sea Turtle 
1999  Three Interludes 
2001  Treasure 
2007  Friday Nights I. Fantasy ~ Variation  II. Lament  III. Blessing in Disguise 
2008  Realms of Glory 

1989  Our Father 
2000  God Is My Light 
2001  Go Forth! 
2004  Be Still 
2012  Mist 
2015  Peace Prayer 

2018 I Have Overcome the World 

2019 Teach Only Love 

2020 God of All Power and Love 

1991  Some Favorite Love Poems 
1997  Gentle Dreamer 
2002  Train 
2005  Remember 
2006  Song of Kabir 
2013  The Stream of Life 
Walter Halsey David Triptych: Mariposas, The Butterfly, The Iguana 
2015  The Golden Age, I Am the Song In My Heart 

2020 The Beauty of the Islands, Spirit Is Absolute (Ernest Holmes)