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Connect & Glow: Releasing Anxiety  An 8 1/2 minute guided meditation. Recorded at the mouth of the Coquille River overlooking the Bandon Lighthouse with   the waves of the Pacific in the distance. It only seemed right to end the video with a recording of my piano piece, “Lama Kuhikuhi,” Hawaiian for “beacon.”

ONLINE: Sunday, July 26 5:00 PT CONNECT & GLOW: HO’OPONOPONO: One hour workshop which includes an in-depth Connect & Glow guided meditation and the Connect & Glow version of the Hawaiian forgiveness practice, Ho’oponopono - “make right.” We may want to forgive, but don’t know how to forgive. This practice is simple - but not simplistic - and effective. Register here.

ONLINE: Sunday, August 30 5:00 PT CONNECT & GLOW: WHAT DO I STAND FOR? One hour workshop which includes an in-depth Connect & Glow guided meditation, and an exploration of inner strength, commitment, and values. Register here.

The Connect & Glow meditative exercises quickly bring participants to a deep connection with their inner source of vibrant well-being. The exercises are inspired by ancient Eastern wisdom and modern quantum physics, and grew out of experiments with visualizing the energetic stimulation of the limbic center of the brain in an effort to heal depression.The Connect & Glow exercises are an easy and direct way to relieve stress, effective and helpful for anyone who seeks a simple yet meaningful way to find more inner peace and stability, for anyone who wishes to be more comfortable and effective in their personal lives, experiencing ongoing well-being. Suitable for beginning as well as seasoned practitioners. We begin with Connect the Dots, which is followed by Being Glow, adding a few dots, or energy centers, and explore the qualities of each center. Tuning the Dots enhances the release of patterns of tension and increases the sense of opening and expansion. Following that is Working With the Energy, where we explore different topics; the deep relaxation and openness helps the release of patterns of tension, and supports personal growth.

The Connect & Glow Musical Meditation CD is available for purchase on the BUY MUSIC page.

Download a free copy of Brain Glow from the LISTEN page. Brain Glow is the original Glow technique, developed as a method to heal depression. This track will always be free on this site - I want anyone who is experiencing depression to have an opportunity to heal.

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