Premiere of "Friday NIghts" for cello and piano

photo by Dori Orwig

Sheet Music

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Solo piano: A Dozen Roses, Care, Chanty, Everyday Miracles, Flowing, Release, Row, Row, Row Your Boat, Still Waters, Sun Salute, Tahoe Thoughts, Arrangements: Ave Maria (Bach-Gounod), Happy Birthday Holy Manna, Make Me a Channel of Your Peace (Sebastian Temple), O Master, Let Me Walk With Thee, Wade in the Water, What Wondrous Love Is This

Songs: The Golden Age, I Am the Song In My Heart, Train, Song of Kabir

Choral - originals: Be Still, God Is My Light, Go Forth, I Have Overcome, Mist, Our Father, The Peace Prayer - arrangements: Ave Maria (Back-Gounod), Down By the Riverside, The Gift You Are (John Denver)

Instrumental: Friday Nights (cello and piano, three movements), Pt. Lobos - Summer Fog (3 flutes, piano)

Educational: Playing & Composing Around the Circle of Fifths  Sample first lines

ORCHESTRAL: please contact Kate for pricing on "Malu," "Wake-Up Call," "River of Love," "Angles & Eskimos," "Shining Through," "Fantasy for Electric Guitar & Orchestra," and "Mountain Tapestry" (not yet on Sheet Music Plus).

Free Spirit

Thirteen pieces for solo piano

on APPLE music

Twelve originals and one esoteric arrangement of Row, Row, Row Your Boat.

CD: $15, shipping included

CD, International: $21, shipping included

Album download card: $10, shipping included (domestic only)

Guiding Star

Guiding Star

Hoku Pa'a

Open to guidance and inspiration with this 7 1/2 minute track - a four minute spoken visualization leads to "Hoku Pa'a" (Hawaiian for "North Star") on piano: $1.01. Not an instant download :) A human being will send you an email with the mp3. Thank you!

The Seeker

orchestral music

on APPLE music

Recorded at Capitol Studios, Hollywood. Winner of BEST INSTRUMENTAL ALBUM at the 2004 Just Plain Folks Music Awards.

1. Malu  2.-5. The Seeker  I. Wake-up Call  II. River of Love  III. Angels & Eskimos 

IV. Shining Through 6. Rachael's Waltz  7. Fantasy for Electric Guitar & Orchestra

CD: $15, shipping included

International CD: $21, shipping included

Download card: $10, shipping included (domestic only)



original pieces for solo piano

on APPLE music

1. Flowing 6:58  2.Stream 5:07  3. Sparrow 5:39  4. Dusk 6:58  5. A Wish For Holly 3:40 6. Elegy 7:07  7. Hoku Pa'a 3:41  8. Lama Kuhikuhi 3:58  9. Heart 3:47  10. Sweet 4:00

CD: $15, shipping included

CD, International: $21, shipping included


Welcome To Piania

solo piano

On APPLE  music

1. Four Winds 6:38  2. Rachael's Waltz 3:27  3. The Light is Born 4:15  4. Angels & Eskimos 4:19 

5. Opening 2:55  6. The Way I Feel 4:38  7. Sigh 4:41  8. A Dozen Roses 3:39  9. Tahoe Thoughts 4:27 

10. Pt. Lobos - Summer Fog 3:19  11. Still Waters 4:56

CD: $15, shipping included

International CD: $21

Grateful Heart

Kate's first release

on APPLE music

Original music and one cover, solo piano and piano with flute, saxophone, strings and percussion.

1. White Raven 4:06  2. Skating (Vince Guaraldi) 3:27  3. Here & Now 3:58  4. Wedding Day 1:38 5. Room 304 2:22  6. Still Waters 4:51  7. Pt. Lobos - Summer Fog 3:25  8. Missing...Kissing You 4:12 9. Moonrise Variations 3:14  10. A Wish For Holly 3:02  11. Gratitude 2:08

CD: $15, shipping included

International CD: $21, shipping included