Mystical Glow Tour

Presentations in Vashon, Port Townsend, Lummi Island and Crescent City have been sweet and magical. The morning service at Lummi Congregational Church on the first day of Advent with an inspiring talk by Pastor Larson and beautiful piano music by Cindy Minkler created the perfect space for our afternoon Connect & Glow. The next Sunday the beauties at Universal Heart Center in Crescent City truly opened their hearts and we were all uplifted. I am reminded of Shankarananda’s writing in “Consciousness Is Everything” on the sahridaya experience:
"Hridaya is heart. Sahridaya means same-hearted, or possessed of heart, or having the consent of the heart...Abhinavagupta (10th century Kashmir philosopher) says that the open audience has an elevated capacity for wonder: 'Indeed, when he hears sweet songs, when he is no longer content with staying in the middle and being indifferent, when a vibration starts in his heart, then it is called the power of bliss and this man becomes the same-hearted one.' This vibration in the heart is the aesthetic response. The heart of the artist opens, the audience opens, and both relish the experience. Then at that very moment, the same-hearted audience becomes one with the artist and becomes as great."
I am now in Southern California, where much-needed rains are creating velvet-green carpets on the hillsides and painting dramatic sunsets on the clouds and rocks. Upcoming events: December 28, Healing Waters, Desert Hot Springs, January 1, Top O Topanga, Topanga, January 4, Visions & Dreams, Costa Mesa, January 11, Steinway Gallery, Walnut Creek, with Roxann Jacobson, viola.
Wishing you beauty and love in this season of awe and wonder.

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