Inner Radiance

     My personal daily goal is to expand my day-to-day human existence beyond surviving to thriving, with joy as the ground of the spectrum of emotional experience, carrying  the awareness of my connection with the source of universal love within me into each moment. Connecting the Dots brings me to that center; Being Glow magnifies and expands the healing, caring and enlivening energy found there.  Jotting down notes for  this section, I am in the waiting area at a tire store, waiting for my tire to get fixed. I think, “Okay, work on that goal, right here, right now.” I look around the store, wondering if I can connect with an inner sense of open-hearted gratitude here under the fluorescent lights, with the strong, chemical-ly smell of new tires, a college football game on the TV blaring in the background. I notice displays of new tires with shiny star-shaped wheels radiating from their centers. I appreciate the simple fact of their unexpected beauty, elegantly symbolic.

Each person who connects with their inner center radiates a beneficial energy to the world around them, much as a pebble dropped into a still body of water generates circles of gentle waves. In today’s frontier of the human spirit I believe that when we live by the universal spiritual values of love and honor and respect and compassion, guided by the knowledge of our human condition gained by modern science, there is a possibility that we can live in peace - the serenity of inner peace, the safety and security of peace in the world.

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