List of Works

1985  Shana’s Song  I. Meadow II. Mountain  III. Out
1989  Winthrop Pieces  1. Freely 2. Go 3. Moderato 4. Brisk 5. Semplice 6. Steady - Adagio
1992  Still Waters, Here & Now, Wedding Day, A Wish For Holly
1995  Lavender Shadows, Aloha, We Are One In Spirit, Rachael’s Waltz, Tahoe Thoughts, Sigh
1998  The Way I Feel, A Dozen Roses
1999  The Light is Born
2000  Opening
2001  Four Winds
2002  Sparrow, Heart
2005  Stream, Elegy
2007  Happy Endings, Flowing, Dusk, Hoku Pa’a, Lama Kuhikuhi, Sweet
2008  Glory Be
2011  Care
2014  Row, Row, Row Your Boat (arr.), Chanty
2015  Everyday Miracles

1998  The Seeker  I. Wake-up all  II. Angels & Eskimos  III. River of Love  IV. Shining Through
1999  Fantasy for Electric Guitar & Orchestra
2000  Malu
2011  Mountain Tapestry

Instrumental Ensemble
1988  String Trio
1991  Seven Vignettes for Any Old Quartet
1992  Moonrise Variations, Pt. Lobos - Summer Fog, White Raven, Room 304
1995  Lavender Blues, Dreams Come True, Diamonds on the Water, Cocoa, Sea Turtle
1999  Three Interludes
2001  Treasure
2007  Friday Nights I. Fantasy ~ Variation  II. Lament  III. Blessing in Disguise
2008  Realms of Glory

1989  Our Father
2000  God Is My Light
2001  Go Forth!
2004  Be Still
2012  Mist
2015  Peace Prayer

2018 I Have Overcome the World

2019 Teach Only Love

2020 God of All Power and Love

1991  Some Favorite Love Poems
1997  Gentle Dreamer
2002  Train
2005  Remember
2006  Song of Kabir
2013  The Stream of Life
Walter Halsey David Triptych: Mariposas, The Butterfly, The Iguana
2015  The Golden Age, I Am the Song In My Heart

2020 The Beauty of the Islands, Spirit Is Absolute (Ernest Holmes)