Those of you who have had trouble coordinating your right and left hands might get some inspiration from this epiphany from a student: “I get what the left hand does - it keeps the music stuck together!” - an important function!

I am re-reading John Welwood's "Journey of the Heart."
Here's a great passage:
“Path” is a term that points to the great challenge of human existence: the need to awaken, each in our own way, to the greater possibilities that life presents.

At the darkest time of the year - the Winter Solstice - as we celebrate the earth turning once more toward the sun, we also honor the renewal of the light which is within each of us, the rekindling of the Spirit of Wonder, by offering each other gifts, just as the Wise Men brought gifts to Baby Jesus.

    Another result of impersonal or love-free sex is emotional hardening. When we harden our emotional bodies the tender and vulnerable sense of wonder within us suffers, often becoming lost altogether. Would you rather live in a society of openhearted, friendly, well-adjusted people, or a society of callous, selfish and unfulfilled people?
    It all begins with me - each me inhabiting each body here on Planet Earth.

May your light shine bright. May you know faith in your courage and in your inner guidance. May every step be blessed. May every moment reveal new and inspiring vistas. May you experience aliveness and love.

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