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Do you remember when smoking cigarettes was accepted and allowed? In the work place, airplanes, restaurants - ? Seems unimaginable today. Slowly the public learned of the dangers of smoking - of directly inhaling, and of second-hand smoke. And then it was revealed that tobacco companies had known of the dangers for a good long time, but continued to manufacture and market tobacco products, making as much money as they could for as long as they could.

I strongly suspect that the same thing is going on now with the chemical companies which make fragrances. I KNOW that most artificial fragrances are toxic, at least to a degree. I am not going to say all, because I don’t know that for a fact - but for your own and your family’s protection, stay away from any product with the word “fragrance” or "parfum" in its ingredients list.

One time I asked an acquaintance to refrain from wearing perfume when were going to lunch together. Her response was, “Well, you smell like herbs!” It is true that I use essential oils, which are a natural product made from plants, and which have beautiful and amazing therapeutic benefits. I know lots of people who are allergic to pollens, but don’t know anyone who is allergic to essential oils (although there may be some), but I know lots of people who know that they are allergic or sensitive to chemical fragrances.

To help you get started on the toxic-free path, I've listed some artificial-fragrance-free products at the bottom of this post (some have essential oils as active ingredients and are therefor somewhat aromatic), and a link and a discount code for  iherb.com, a great source for personal care products. Also listed are a few links to articles about chemical toxicity, and you can continue with your own research. Some of the links have product suggestions and recipes. I welcome feedback about your finds, findings, experiences, etc.

Environmental Working Group

Women's Voices for the Earth




http://www.mercola.com/ has a wealth of articles related to healthy Living. Here is a choice one related to chemical fragrances:
Thank you, Dr. Mercola!

Dr. Rapp’s book: Our Toxic World - A Wake Up Call http://www.drrapp.com/

Fabric softener/sheets:

BTW there is something in All Free & Clear that causes a reaction, so stay away from that.

Article about shampoos with harmful carcinogen known as cocamide diethanolamine (cocamide DEA): http://www.realfarmacy.com/illegal-cancer-causing-shampoo/

iherb: Save $5-$10 when you sign in to iherb.com using this link:
or use this code at checkout: SLC243.
And make sure to check the Super Specials page!

Great essential oils:
and personal care products:
Be sure to check the specials and free shipping page!

If you are interested in creating a Multi-Level business with essential oils and natural products, Young Living is an excellent company. Sign up here, using my sponsor/distributor number, 931142, and please contact me with questions, etc:


Here’s a short list of products to get you started,  all available at iherb.com:

Baby Oh Baby Unscented Body Lotion
Dr. Woods Unscented Baby Mild Castile Soap
Thai Deodorant Stone, Thai Crystal Deodorant Stone
Ecover, Liquid Dish Soap, Zero, Fragrance Free
Country Save, Laundry Detergent (comes in a cardboard box - less plastic!)


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