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Do you remember when smoking cigarettes was accepted and allowed? In the work place, airplanes, restaurants - ? Seems unimaginable today. Slowly the public learned of the dangers of smoking - of directly inhaling, and of second-hand smoke. And then it was revealed that tobacco companies had known of the dangers for a good long time, but continued to manufacture and market tobacco products, making as much money as they could for as long as they could.

I strongly suspect that the same thing is going on now with the chemical companies which make fragrances. I KNOW that most artificial fragrances are toxic, at least to a degree. I am not going to say all, because I don’t know that for a fact - but for your own and your family’s protection, stay away from any product with the word “fragrance” or "parfum" in its ingredients list.

One time I asked an acquaintance to refrain from wearing perfume when were going to lunch together. Her response was, “Well, you smell like herbs!” It is true that I use essential oils, which are a natural product made from plants, and which have beautiful and amazing therapeutic benefits. I know lots of people who are allergic to pollens, but don’t know anyone who is allergic to essential oils (although there may be some), but I know lots of people who know that they are allergic or sensitive to chemical fragrances.

Environmental Working Group

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http://www.mercola.com/ has a wealth of articles related to healthy Living. Here is a choice one related to chemical fragrances:
Thank you, Dr. Mercola!

Dr. Rapp’s book: Our Toxic World - A Wake Up Call http://www.drrapp.com/

Fabric softener/sheets:

BTW there is something in All Free & Clear that causes a reaction, so stay away from that.

Article about shampoos with harmful carcinogen known as cocamide diethanolamine (cocamide DEA): http://www.realfarmacy.com/illegal-cancer-causing-shampoo/


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